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if i can make it here...

New York City
Irving Plaza

nyc is always bittersweet for me. it's a love hate relationship that pulls me east. and this time, it's just a little bit harder. See, Irving Plaza is the last place i saw my friend hilary alive, and we didn't part gracefully. i was mad at her, then she died. we never got to say goodbye. we never got to work things out. it's trying to be here right now, here birthday is in three days, and just being here in nyc, the place that she opened up for me, is almost to much. i feel like i should call her mother, but i wouldn't know what to say. i miss her. i wish everyone could have met her, she could light up a room.

on a completely different note, i bought a cell phone today. jay (midtown's tour manager) got a new one and he sold me his old one. i don't have service yet, but i somehow feel like this is a step in the right direction.

i think a slice is in order, i do love this city, maybe i'll move here.
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