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Cleveland...once again

My god, i should just rent a room in this town. For fucks sake, I'm forever in Cleveland!! this time we're at the beachland ballroom which is by far the best venue in Cleveland, i love this place, the people are super nice, the food is good, and... they have DSL!!! And, thanks to my trusty new friend the Apple Airport Extreme base station, i've made the whole venue wireless. Man, i should be getting kickbacks from Apple. Speaking of Apple, just counting Ash (4 people) and the Ash crew (4 people) , there are 3 t-powerbooks and 2 iBooks on this tour!!! I've in freaking Mac heaven. So far Ash have been amazing. They rok live, they are total sweethearts and they have great taste in computers. I wish school wasn't kicking my ass so hard because it would be fun to just "hang out" for a day on tour... but there's nothing like a easy day for me at least for another two weeks... arrgghh. Even so, the next couple of days will be cool, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, but i doubt i even leave the club, i've got so much homework my eyeballs are popping out of my skull!!! At this point, if i was at home, emily would kiss me on the head and tell me to get back to work, so i should, this homework won't do itself.

Hello Cleveland.
Good night.
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