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Meet The Fight

Meet The Fight.
They are a band from England.
They drink a lot and play pop punk music.

Meet K8!...she writes the songs, plays guitar, and sings. She likes to cuss, can rip guitar solos, drinks too much, is the oldest member of The Fight (she's only 18!), and is very willing to share her feelings with you. Just ask her.

now this is the way to end a set...

meet Si! AKA Link!. He plays guitar, is 17 years old, sings, and has a dry sense of humor. He is also kinda tall and skinny. (he's pale too, but what do you expect, he's english)

And meet Matt! Matt (17) plays bass and makes fun of K8!. He also sings bitchin harmonies. Matt likes to drink (hell the whole band is a bunch of drunks) and eats lots of junk food. Matt also likes American girls, but who can blame him.

Holy shit, i forget to get a picture of Jak! He plays drums, eats lots of candy and is a sick ass drummer. He is K8! little brother and he's 16!! I'll get a pic up soon.
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