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one word: cheesesteak


today i ate 4 cheese steaks. i've never had one before. every time i've been to philly before this i was a veg-head, no longer. put the kids to bed darlin' daddy's home and he's hungry.

i bought some more pens today at Pearl Paint, i also just sat on a curb and stared at some trees for about an hour. i miss elliot and roo. they used to be my dogs, they live in santa cruz now, i'm thinking about moving there to be closer to them.

today i have this one thought that i can't shake, and thats a hand on someones stomach. do you know about this? it's that move where you're standing behind your lover and you just put your hand on their belly. this isn't a sex thing. what i mean is when you're at a party and your lover is talking to some of their friends and you're there and you just wrap your arms around them, and your hand just rests on their belly. thats the move i'm talking about.

that is pure bliss in my book.



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