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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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long way from home
two sugar-free red bulls and a long drive can make you jittery
it's 6:23 am and i'm just now going to bed
spiderman is on HBO in the hotel room
and i miss the emily.
i kills me that on a night when she needs an ear to talk to
i'm on the other side of the country
in a crappy hotel room
wired and awake

miss that girl.

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thanks for the check. it means so much more than the money, but i think you, of all people know that.
close that door and open a window.
friends are a great thing to be.

if you are still shooting those pics you should send me some slides. gallery opportunities.

What kind of snaps did you have mind? I'm mostly shooting digital now because i never have time to get film developed, but i can always shoot film stock if it's for a reason. BTW-how are things going? is everything still on for sept? I'm in florida right now with the fight and it's hot in here! Keep me posted on whats going on with you!!

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