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These Are Things I Have Posted

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(no subject)
April One-Fool's Day (ie: my people's holiday)
location: Santa Cruz, CA

day: 9

Today it's cloudy in the Cruz.
I just bought a Line 6 POD
from a guitar store here
i got it used
but i still shouldn't have
spent the money
i have a sickess
it eats away at my
checking account
(like i'd have a savings account sucka)
but it (the POD) was a great deal
and i doubt i would come across one that cheap
in a long time

i fly to LA tomorrow
then it's right on to the bus
and off to Salt Lake City with
Face to Face
(who, by the way, play live on Carson Daley tonight)
i'm stoked to be back on the road
those of you that know me
know that i was ready to go deep sea diving
in the kiddie pool of St Louis
what that means is i was
going absolutly mad
crazy/loony/farmed out
in the 314
i needed to get the fuck out of dodge

so this will be my postcard
to you
the reader
i blow you a kiss
and wait for your smack.

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hey, sweet!
hurrah...you have a journal so i won't miss out on any of that tourin' excitement!
i am gonna do my best to catch the show tonight...
i miss you.
ps. don't feel badly about craziness in the 314...it's happens to the best of us!

Whats Up!! add my as your friend. because you know I am......good to see you in livejournal land.

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