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I just download xJournal. It looks pretty neat. I recommend it for any mac users on LJ. Check it out here:

all right. the tour is going smooth now. the brits have really caught on and i'm proud of them. i think they have great future in front of them and i hope the best for them. They still have a lot to learn... but don't we all?

I miss the Emily and the Midget more than i've ever missed anything in my life. But we have a plan of sorts, kind of unspoken, hinted at, we're solid. And i love that. Still, i miss her on nights like these when i have silly things to tell her and it's to late to call.

well, it's time for a night drive. we're heading to the world famous 40 watt club in athens, ga. i can't believe that in my 7 years of touring i've never been to the 40 watt. wowza. okay, sugar-free red bull here i come.
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