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Worcester, MA

baby sitting 101:

today i had to bust the band for drinking backstage again. Keep in mind that The Fight are all under 21 and if they get caught drinking, the club can lose it's liquor license and the band can be deported. This is the second day in a row i've caught them backstage drinking and the worst part is, the "dad" who is actually the father! to the drummer and singer, keeps buying them more alcohol when I'm not around.

Solution? I call the bands booking agent, who is also the headliners agent, and get him to call the headliners tour manager (who is also a friend of mine) and instruct him to revoke The Fights' backstage privileges for the rest of the tour. Thats right, i had the band i tour manage kicked out of their dressing rooms for the rest of the tour. But fuck it, i could get arrested if they're caught drinking since I'm their tour manager and they're all under age. Oh well, that's what they get. Even better, the bands agent, who is a nice person but is also a pretty intimidating dude, is having a sit down meeting with the band Sunday at the Surf and Skate festival in New Jersey. Music to my ears.

on a separate note, my new class started yesterday, MGT331 Organizational Behavior... for anyone who knows me and my amazing organization skills, begin laughing now. This class scares me.



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