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cooley high harmony

Philadelphia, PA

philly has always been a weird town for me. i love the history, the old buildings, the feeling that something important happened here permeates every square foot of this city, yet at the same time, i always seem to miss something, like the last man in a game of telephone, my signals have been crossed. after the show tonight, i went out drinking with gabe and tyler from midtown, we meet up with some girls they knew and went to a dance club that was quite fun. most of the people were in various states of undress but all the girls had their nipples taped and the guys had on jock straps, it was a hoot. it was one of those bars with no sign out front and zero frat factor, it was really cool. i even met a cool girl with super curly hair who i talked to for awhile, then we split and went to some after hours club and kept the party train chugging. this went on until almost dawn. it's rare i drink on tour, i don't know why, i guess i just look at it like i'm in the office, like i'm on the job, i'm not there to party, i'm there to make sure everything goes as planned. yes, i am the world's lamest man.
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