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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Buffalo, NY
today was a pretty smooth show.
this is really the first time i've been to this club without being on a face to face tour. and you know what, it makes a difference. everyone on the tour seems to be having a good time and oddly enough, i am too (only my real excitement is that i wrote my first complicated excel sheet on this tour, so i got that going on!) On a different note, i got an A in my MGT330 class!!!! My teacher just e-mailed my final grades to me and when i got the e-mail i danced around the room... luckily i was the only one in there :)

brand new is playing right now and as soon as they're done we have a night drive ahead of us :( we've got to do at least two hours, i think i'll hook up the iBook and let everyone watch a dvd while i drive, it's pretty cool, using one of those cd/walkman cassette adapters, i can run the sound through the van stereo, which is pretty cool. the only bummer is, i have to drive!!!

last song, time to run.

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hey you dont know me but i saw the fight last week at showplace and found one of them as ure interests and that is was cool you like what do you do with them? o well i just thought id let u no its cool what u do lol im gonna add u to my friends list if i remember how bc i think ure cool just so u no ok ?

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