Not Romantic, Fauxmantic (strawberryviper) wrote,
Not Romantic, Fauxmantic

Back in the Land of Cleve...again.

Wasn't i just here? It seems like I'm forever in Cleveland. Maybe it's just because i like saying the phrase, 'The Land of Cleve.' I'm a dork. The show (the first of the tour) was good. K8! and I got into a heated discussion over the stage plot, but it worked out okay. She's impossibly headstrong, but she'll need that if she's going to survive in this male-dominated industry. The band played their set well and the even sold some merch. The rest of the bands on the bill were good too. Brand New are a hoot to watch, teenage girls totally swoon over this band. It's freaking hilarious. The whole front row is girls snapping pics of their singer. Fun. The show last night was in Detroit, but afterwards i drove to Cleveland so we could stay in the same hotel for two nights. But then we couldn't find a hotel anywhere and ending up staying in a Hampton Inn which is not in the budget. Oh well, it's not my money. Okay, things to do today. Find a Walmart/Target, find a Kinkos, Find a Staples.

I just saw this on the news, the real news, not MTV news, 'the band Creed is being sued by four fans who want a refund after the band played a shitty show. The singer was wasted and messed up all the songs and appeared to pass out on stage' ..... wow, Skiba beware!!!

Right now we're watching MTV Cribs hip-pop version.



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