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Right I’m looking over at Emily, who is asleep on the floor with her hand holding the book she was reading that's still open to the last page she was on, if you didn't look close you might think that’s she still awake, but she isn't. it's at moments like this, when I can just see her there, breathing softly, that I realize just how much I love this person. I don't know how in the world our paths crossed, it all seems so very random and I shudder to think that even the slightest of variables could have resulted in our never meeting. But we did meet, and since that day I’ve been happier than I had ever been before. I truly wish that I had something I could give her, money, a house, I new motorcycle, even an iPod, but I don't, I’m so embarrassingly poor for someone who is almost 30 and should have figured this life out years ago. Despite this, she always calls me back, and for that I’m eternally grateful. For the first time in my adult life I feel both grown up and wonderfully childish. With Emily it all seems so effortless. We just are, and that's enough. I've never met someone who understands me the way Emily does, even if she routinely shakes her head in bewilderment and wonders aloud "what planet are you from?". Between her and Mia I’ve finally found an audience for my bad jokes and slightly off-kilter sense of humor. I simply adore these two and at this point, I can't begin to imagine a life without them in it. Soon I'll be gearing up to go on tour for almost two months straight and there is a very big part of me that just wants to say fuck it, get a job at Ferrell's Doughnuts and just stay in Santa Cruz. But I also know that that is simply not who I am, though I hope to be that person one day. Until Emily, I've never met someone so willing to be with someone just as they are. She has never for a second asked me to stop doing what I do. For a person who does what I do (touring like a madman), this is beyond my wildest dreams. I know I can't tour forever. More and more touring is becoming a job, and in that regard, it's not enough to justify what it takes to do this job well. I give myself three more years. That way I’ll be done with school and at the very least, I can be manager of the Taco Bell, not just the drive-thru guy. In the meantime, I find that I want to spend every minute of the day that I can with her and I miss her more than corndogs when I’m gone. Now I have to go wake her up so I can put her to bed.



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