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Tonight we're in montreal,
hot rod circuit are burning joints
and moneen are on stage,
the TGUK go on last,
i'm in the production office
growing gray hair,
one of the people in my group at school
just informed me (when i IM'd him and asked
for his works cited page in APA format for
the very huge group paper due in 7 hours)
that he didn't have any sources, that all his information canme
from his friends and family....
i thnk i'm haveing a stroke,
my vision is blurry,
i want to kill him!!!

in other news.
i might have a job with a band called
the fight
from england.
that should be a hoot,
three weeks in a van with
four kids
(youngest one 14 oldest one 18)
from england who speak with such
have accents you can't understand
a single word they say they're saying...
think brad pitt in

my coat smells like emily
she wore it last,
how fun is that,
we wear each others clothes.

i miss that girl
when i'm out of town.
there's no one to laugh at
all my bad jokes!!

time for a heart attack
and another stroke.



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