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I have a iBook (800 30g) that's a few months old, today it went to sleep and wouldn't wake up, tried every combination of keys and the power button that i could think of, nothing. Then i noticed that there was a weird white foam/lotion/goop type substance on the bottom, and i realized that it was coming from the battery. I took the battery out and it was leaking out of the two holes? by the metal power connectors. I wiped all the goop off the computer but I'm not sure what to do next, the battery is still oozing (acid?) so i don't want to put it back in. Any suggestions, or has anyone heard of this happening before?

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I have an ibook as well and wow - that doesn't sound like a good experience. I would take it in because you should still be under warrenty.

whoa. i had to search forever to find a post of yours. i found a radio sation for you to check out at work http://www.londonunlimited.com/. there is an alt pop area with good dance tunes. you would dig it.

I haven't seen you around in a while.....hope all is going well with you!!!

Thanks for the well wished. Thing s are going great, I am just so busy. The wedding is only three months away and so we are into the nitty-gritty of the details. I am going to be glad when the craziness is over...wedding planning is not as much fun as it seesm inthe movies. Although, picking out my dress was the best shoppping experience ever.

I hope things are well wih you too! are you still with the same guy? Is May treating you good?

Oh, yeah, i picked up the new Madonna album. Did you get it? i think you would really dig it.

I hate May Company. Treating me well...no I have never been treated so badly in my life and I am about to take affirmative action. Just re-analyzing my budget at the moment.

wow! that sucks. did you take money form them to go to school? are you bound to them through that?

what is going on that you need affirmitive action, are you okay?

It's just that my boss yells at me every day. Yesterday Brennen was sick, called in, and then this morning I had an email saying that they were deducting a personal day from my time. Yes, I am bound to the money that they provided for school...but that is water under the bridge. I want out.

Other than that - things are going VERY well personal life wise!!

That is what mattres, really your personal life. I mean you can always get another job, but if your personal life is in shambles than it is all no good.

decucting a personal day? that is crap. they had arragnements with you from day one in regard to brennen and the fact you have fam obligations, you boss needs ot follwo thourgh on that, man.

although you may be tempted . . .

. . . do not lick the oozing battery acid.

Glad to be of help,

Re: although you may be tempted . . .

Scott, The scott? From the cornfileds of IA?

Re: although you may be tempted . . .

yes i belive it is ;)

Re: although you may be tempted . . .


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