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I've spent three hours today at kinko's: online, on the phone, and sending e-mails trying to figure out why i can't do a huge online project for school that has been giving me fits. U of P tech support didn't have a clue and i ended up having to call the tech-support of the company that made the software to figure out that the entire e-seminar is not Mac compatible!! I'm so mad at U of P!!! they've assured me on more than one occasion that everything at the U of P is Mac compatible and once again i have to go out on my own to show them that they are not.

Color me not-happy.

I eventually got a hold of my teacher and worked it out so that i'll do a different assignment which is cool, but i'm still peeved at the situation.
My teacher hinted that i should ask for a refund for this class but that she wants me to finish it and is more than willing to work around the problem.


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From Barbiejuice7

Good luck with school... working hard pays off. Are you going to be with TGUK in Pitt. Asia and I want to go and see you guys. I just found out the're playing there. Tara

I work in Tech Support at UoP myself. Wow, it's interesting to see a students point of view of UoP on the website, even though it may be a bad experience and I'm sorry for it =( Hopefully it will get better =)

Hey, sorry it took so long to respond to your comment. I have to admit, i'm not a fan of U of P at the moment. I like my classes and i'm going to stay on, but i'm extremely disappointed with the whole interface. I also feel that U of P is dangerously negligent in not providing the support to it's online students that it should. In order to truly learn and operate in an online world, students should have access to online video conferencing through U of P and beyond that, every student should have a section of the server to store data and team projects. This doesn't even begin to address the Mac issue. The entire Xtreme learning site is not Mac compatible. I just noticed that my next class uses the Xtreme learning program again. The next time someone at U of P tells me that they're Mac compatible i swear i'm flying to AZ for some 'face time'. As a Mac user, i don't expect anything to be Mac compatible. That's part of the burden you bear when you purchase a Mac. My issue is that the U of P still continues to say that everything is Mac compatible even though it's clearly not. The U of P is worse than that Iraqi Minister of Information who is still denying that US troops are in Baghdad. Beyond that, it's obvious that no one is in charge over there in terms of the online world. Where is the student support? Having a phone number is not enough if all they can do is say sorry i don't know what to do. Tech support is even worse. I called at least five times trying to figure out why i could e-mail people through my u of p account but that i wasn't getting any e-mails back. Tech support could send me e-mails, but no one else could. This went on for five weeks!!!!! I never even received my grades from my last class, i had to have my teacher send them to my personal account, which is fine, except that the U of P is so expensive that i expect it to work. And thats the real issue, the price. For what this crappy school costs, i expect more.

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