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I've spent three hours today at kinko's: online, on the phone, and sending e-mails trying to figure out why i can't do a huge online project for school that has been giving me fits. U of P tech support didn't have a clue and i ended up having to call the tech-support of the company that made the software to figure out that the entire e-seminar is not Mac compatible!! I'm so mad at U of P!!! they've assured me on more than one occasion that everything at the U of P is Mac compatible and once again i have to go out on my own to show them that they are not.

Color me not-happy.

I eventually got a hold of my teacher and worked it out so that i'll do a different assignment which is cool, but i'm still peeved at the situation.
My teacher hinted that i should ask for a refund for this class but that she wants me to finish it and is more than willing to work around the problem.




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