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These Are Things I Have Posted

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The iPhone Vintage Photo Apps
Sunset Over Fairfax - Los Angeles, CA

Kinda fun, the fine folks who make the “Vintage” series photo apps for the iPhone are using one of my snaps on their homepage: http://vintiphone.com/ its towards the bottom. Check out their apps if you have an iPhone, I use them everyday for snapping :)

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(Deleted comment)
apps i can't live without:

CameraBag, Vint Green, ToyCamera, OldCamera, Vint Red, Darkslide, SepiaCamera, iTalk (Pro), QuadCamera, Vint B&W, iFlashReady, PhotoCalc, Urbanspoon, 1Password, Mint, Now Playing, HoldEm, aSleep, Ambiance, DoubleExp, Pandora, Pocket LD, and lots others, but those i use almost daily...

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