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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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back on the lower left coast
San Diego
(fucking) Canes

the only redeeming thing Canes has going for it is that right outside the door is the ocean. that and San Diego has some of the most beautiful woman per capita ever. still no tour hook ups, but now i've been able to talk to girls and at least hold a conversation, which is nice. And since i'm not trying to hook up, this works out perfectly. I'm over it, the whole looking thing. If something happens, it happens, but i've got so much other stuff to do that trying to meet a girl while being in some city for 24 hours. it's half-retarded. Anyway, i like san diego, so i'll just try to be happy.

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Try mentioning a hairbrush and it's many uses.....
that might get you somewhere!!!

Best of luck to you!!!

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