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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Did You Vote Today?
Did You Vote Today?
It could make or break our friendship.
While I would prefer you vote for Obama,
I'd rather see you vote for McCain
Than not vote at all.
It's that important.

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I just said (neigh on) the exact same thing to a Tech here at work.

All I want to do is breathe better...

i just want a clear cut winner tonight

the last thing we need is a moth of court fights and lawyering up a winner...

I definetely voted. but not for obama nor mccain.

along the lines of breaking friendships....i was presented with this very problem this morning while discussing voting with a friend.

In California, we have a proposition on the ballot trying to overturn the legalization of gay marriage in the state. The porpositions (if passed) would ammend the constitution stating that only a marriage between "one man and one woman" will be recognized.

I was talking to a friend this morning. He is gay and he is mormon. I always found it an odd fact but just overlooked it. I'm a staunch atheist but have many of friends that identify with different religions.

Anyways....i was shocked when he told me that he actually voted FOR the gay marriage ban! when I asked asked him if he was out of his fucking mind, he started a religious rant about how the bible says homosexuality is wrong and that marriage shouldn't be allowed for gays because it promotes sinful behavior, etc.

I made the point that he is gay himself and how could he be for such a hateful law. he responded that he was given this "challenge" by god. He believes that it is wrong to be gay and that he has been unable to overcome this challenge set forth by god yet. He apparently prays every night to have the courage to "change his ways so that he can be forgiven".

I was in a state of shock and I am now questioning whether or not i can be friends with this person.

I never wanted to be the person who disregarded friendships because of political or religious views. I once had a person that i was dating tell me that they didn't want to see me anymore because i was too "conservative". but this guy went so far beyond that that I just don't even know how to act around him anymore.

Painfully & beautifully versed.
I hear you & thank you...

I voted. We can remain friends.

i voted 2 weeks ago, are we still bffs?

i voted and i am glad the person i voted for won :)

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