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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Hello Japan
Okay, so i made it here.
Waited at the airport of the rest of the fella's
to show up, they came in from Detroit,
which makes perfect sense.
I took forever to get to the hotel,
we drove... no, inched through
one of the worst traffic jams i've ever seen.
Tokyo at rush hour,
man you don't want to mess with that action.
The hotel we're at,
Capitol Tokyo Hotel,
is pretty nice,
the front desk actually sent
someone up to help me get online!!!
try getting that service at a Motel 6!
Matt, Alex, Bob, and I had a dinner meeting
with the promoter and talked shop,
now Bob and I are just chilling in the room.
I think I'm going to walk around a little,
i need to shoot some more snaps.
and I'm hungry-!!

Added bonus, Matt gave me the new (unreleased)
New Amsterdam's record to listen to,
it's really good,
i'll give a better review after i've heard it a couple more times.

okay, hungry, must eat now.

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I Think I'm Turning Japanese

(Insert song here)
I hope you have a nice time in Japan.
Be safe.

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