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Italians Are Sexy!!

A Brit abroad? I’d prefer an Italian

Posted by Francisca Kellett on 29 May 2008 at 16:04
Tags: Italy, UK, Travel, Women, romance, brits abroad, fling
Newsflash: women want to sleep with Italian men. In Italy, preferably.

Who would want to pull a fellow Brit abroad?

According to new research, Italians are the most attractive when it comes to us dreaming of passionate holiday flings. Men, for once, agree. They too would like to bed an Italian signorina.

And the most suitable destination in which to be wooed by a swarthy one is, according to women, Italy. Which also makes sense.

Men disagree. According to the Continental Research report, they’d prefer to head to the US for a fling, which seems to make the whole endeavour a bit trickier. It’s easy enough to find an Italian to snog when in Italy, but it’s that bit harder in the US – bar New York’s Little Italy, perhaps, or the darker corner’s of Tony Soprano’s New Jersey.

More bewildering is that both sexes agree on the second best nationality to misbehave with abroad: a fellow Brit.

It’s easy enough to understand the Italian attraction – the glossy locks, the sultry eyes, the sexy language and sharp dress sense. But can there be anything less attractive than a Brit abroad?

Forgive me for launching into sweeping generalisations, but we really do ming when we’re abroad, don’t we? There’s the pale, dimpled flesh and the grey sandal-clad feet; the inappropriate Bermuda shorts and dismal sunhats; the loud, spittle-lubricated attempts at foreign languages; and never mind our collective enthusiasm for day-long drinking sessions and public displays of nudity.

How can we fantasize about romancing both the Italians and the Brits? It’s like comparing La Dolce Vita with Ibiza Uncovered.

Posted by Francisca Kellett on 29 May 2008 at 16:04



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