Not Romantic, Fauxmantic (strawberryviper) wrote,
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I'm at the airport in Seattle
online via airport card (go Mac)
and eating a hot dog
while i wait to board my flight
to japan.

i owe a certain a big kiss
for being so sweet with me
i did not want to get up
and go to the airport
this morning.
I would have slept right through
the alarm ;)

i am excited,
though i don't show it very well.
i can't wait to snap a 1000
pictures while i'm there,
thats my plan.
1000 Pictures,
maybe i'll make one of those nifty
iPhoto books....
or maybe i'll just say i'm going to
but then i won't.
or maybe i will.
i need to eat,
the flight crew just boarded!

i'm out.
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