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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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That just happened...
Leonard Cohen bought me a suit,

the joey c cleans up nice thanks to leonard cohen and samantha mcmillen

that's not the kind of thing that happens

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Nice suit!
Greg. (Sharon's husband..)

i am so happy for you to be around (and apparently, have the affection of) such a talent (teacher). again, small world. enjoy your suit of amour

you still need to come by sometime,
We wrap April 30th!!

what would i be doing there? i dont want to intrude :)

Now I'm jealous - that's a kick ass suit!

It would go perfect with a pair of black Converse All Stars

Check you out!
& the hat too... now that's stylish.

No, that certainly isn't something that happens every day! And he bought you an awfully nice-looking one, at that.

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