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Why I Love My Mac
Why I Love My Mac

from: MacTalk

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WTF! Do people still buy PCs?

it's like bell bottoms

they just won't fucking die...

....my macbook pro died one month after the maintenance/warranty ran out.

I will never own another Apple device.

They are dead to me.

you gotta get the Apple Care

(which is three years of complete coverage)

a laptop is just a hard drive in hot pants

what happened btw?

It was a hardware failure somewhere between the MBoard and the Power Supply.

I'm sure that it can be fixed, however it's going to be a HUGE pain in the ass due to the Labyrinth that is MacBook Hardware which makes even replacing a hard drive akin to dismantling a nuclear bomb! (IE: having re-solder the fucking thing).

Even Lenovo Lappys are easier to work on.

that really bows the goat

sorry to hear it

are you going to fix it?

...not anytime soon. Still mad. Coughed up another $80 to get a new external power supply just to be sure that wasn't it.

And I don't feel like paying those Pretentious Fucks the Genius Bar @the Mac Store to do it.

(Deleted comment)
all true.

at the end of the day though
the Apple/Mac platform is muck more akin
to what i like to refer to as the auto design ideal

what i mean by that is;
without really being told what to do
most people can figure out how to get in,
start and then drive just about any
production passenger vehicle made in the world
without so much as instruction or a glance at the manual.
the Mac much more closely resembles this sort of design aesthetic,
Microsoft... not so much with the easy.

The fact of the matter is that with each passing day, there are more
people using computers that will never be experts, nor do they have any desire to become experts. the just want to hop in the proverbial car, run to the grocery store and drop the kids off at the pool.
yes you can do that with Windows, or in a Ford Falcon, but if you want to make the trip happen with the least effort, the most safety and the best chance of success, you take the Volvo.

same kind of idea with Mac...

But they're more expensive!

And they can't run games!

And Steve Jobs knocked up my sister!

Steve Jobs is always fucking someone,

looks like he got to Gabe a couple comments above....

Mac is great. You _NEVER_ have to fix them, i.e. a converstaion Joey and I once had:

Linc: Joey, how do you open these macs up?... Like if you had to fix it?

Joey: Oh, you don't.

Linc: ... then what do you do?

Joey: You throw it away and get a new one.

Linc: oh....

i think that was the most

Calvin and Hobbes style conversation

we ever had, truly epic!

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