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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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Fucking Monday
I leave in two days (on wednesday)
I'm gonna miss the cruz,
but it will be exciting to visit a new place (japan)
and try to make peace with a place
i'm not at all fond of (hawaii)
but mostly it will be cool
to hang out with my friends,
i miss the TGUK.

School is going really well,
My first class ends March 5,
wow, they fly by fast.
My classmates think i'm so weird.

Does everyone know just how much
the Promise Ring album
Very Emergency rocks?!?!?!
i highly suggest rockin
this record first thing in the morning,
the rest of the day will go smooth
after you get in the P-Ring groove.

It snowed 6 inches in St Louis yesterday...
it's hoodie weather here...
i'm never moving back.

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have some fun in the japan. if you ever have a band that needs a good merch guy to go out w/ 'em, let me know, as i'm unemployed right now and dying to do things of that nature (and try to make enough for rent and whatnot from it).

also, if you got any more graphics stuff needing to be done, holla back at me.

and finally, that p ring cd does indeed wake a motha-hubbard up well in the AM. sometimes i can't handle the perkiness, but yeah, for the most part, it's a great start to a sunshiney day.

Hmmm...What are you going to Japan for? Have fun and take lots of pictures. =)

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