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this is Boston not Austin

Boston, MA
Axis Club

he who hesitates is lost.

i love boston. i always feel like an idiot for dropping out of college when i come here. i want to finish school one day, maybe i'll come here to do it.

i went to Guitar center today and found an amazing guitar, it was an old epiphone hollow body, and it had a crack in the body so it was only 300 bucks, on a lark i plugged it in, and it sounding fucking amazing! i was in love, i couldn't believe how good it sounded. but i'm broke and i'm trying to be more responsible. later on, when i got back to the bus, i was telling roger (f2f sound guy and the big brother i never had) and he threw 200 bucks at me and told me to go buy it and pay him back later. so i hop in a cab and race back across town and run up to the door and... it's locked. fuck! when the hell did guitar center start closing at 6!!! fuck! fuck! fuck!

this is not my year.



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