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These Are Things I Have Posted

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2008 Election Predictions
Here's my prediction:

Hilary manages to seat the delegates from Florida and Michigan
and wins a brokered Democratic convention.

On the Republican side, McCain takes Condi Rice as a VP running mate
and wins the presidential election against Hilary.

I don't like the outcome, but that's my prediction.

(Further Prediction)

McCain dies (of natural causes) during his first term
and Condi Rice becomes our first black & female president.
(two birds, one stone thank you)

She then bombs the shit out of the Middle East.

Then a Texas sized astroid hits the earth...

Do We Really Want Another Black President After The Events Of Deep Impact?

Vegas, place your bets.

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don't count out McCain,

America loves its old white guys.

Also, in a general election

Clinton is pretty much unelectable

she's Karl Rove's wet dream of a candidate

oh no that prediction makes me cry. let's hope it doesn't happen.

it's a sad outlook to be sure

but i have a feeling (not a good one)

that this outcome is likely

That's a dark omen....

Maybe the writing is on the wall with Obama

..hope not.

i voted O,

so i hope this doesn't come true

but i can't imagine the Clintons missing the chance

to seat those delegates...

Dang it Joey... tell me a HAPPY story!

I agree (and wish it wasn't so) up to the McCain/Rice finish. That would happen only if Clinton gets the delegates seated and takes the Dem ticket.

However, if O can pull an underdog on the Dem ticket, a McCain/Rice option would look, smell and feel like politics as usual. I think O could ride that right to a sure win.

I totally agree,

If Obama does manage to win the nomination

i think he'll win the general.

but really, the Clintons are too good at this shit

they'll find a way to seat those delegates...

Edited at 2008-02-19 11:02 pm (UTC)

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