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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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LAX And Back Again
I woke up early
and went downtown
to the flower district

i wanted to get a enough flowers
to help brighten up the rehearsal space
we are in for the week as its a bit....
indie rock

that is to say
if my band were rehearsing there
we'd be more than stoked
(actually, Leonard kinda likes it)
it's eclectic and funky

but the flowers i think will brighten the joint up a bit

then i had to run out to LAX and pick up the wonderful Javier Mas!!

his flight got in almost 40 minutes early
(good thing i was an hour early)

still, i didn't realized his flight was early
until he had already been
on the ground for almost 20 minutes
in this industry, this can be trouble
needless to say, i was overjoyed (seriously)
to meet the great Javier Mas in person

What a wonderful and joyful man!!
he is like a favorite uncle or grandfather

he spotted me before i spotted him
(remember he had no idea what i looked like)
and was calling out my name in think Castilian accent!
and when i approached him he gave me the biggest hug!!

we are fast friends and discussed food
music and LA traffic on the way back to the apartments