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Someone impersonating a park ranger and harassing people with dogs

Someone impersonating a park ranger and harassing people with dogs

We'd like you to be aware of an incident at Lighthouse Field. At about 9:30am on Wednesday, October 24, a white pickup truck was observed driving westbound on West Cliff Drive adjacent to Lighthouse Field. The truck appeared to have an official seal on the door, making the truck appear similar to those used by State Park rangers. The driver of the truck slowed and stopped, and used a bullhorn to tell people in the field that they must immediately put their dogs on leash, that off-leash dogs were not allowed, and that they should “read the signs.” Before the truck could be observed more closely, it drove away.

We have verified with both State Parks and City officials that NO official employee was taking any such action. Dogs ARE permitted off-leash at Lighthouse Field and Its Beach during the usual hours (sunrise to 10:00am; 4:00pm to sunset) until at least November 15. What happens after November 15 is still being negotiated; we’ll report on that soon. But if anyone tries to tell you that things have changed NOW, that statement is false.

We would really like to track down whoever is doing this. Impersonating a law enforcement officer is a serious matter. This could be some rogue employee illegally using an official vehicle. We don’t know, but you can help us find out. If you see a similar incident, please note details of the vehicle and write down the license number if you can. (Photos would be nice if possible.) If you are stopped by someone making similar statements, request to see identification. Any real park ranger will have official identification. If you feel threatened, do not confront the individual, and call 911 at the earliest opportunity.

LET US KNOW the details of any similar event by sending email to as soon as possible. Give as much detail as you can, and it would help to have your name and phone number.

Let’s keep the park safe and open for people with off-leash dogs.

Friends of Lighthouse Field
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