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I'm Just Saying...
The new iMac vs the Dell XPS

Time Can Never Kill The True Heart - Stars


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I know, right? I think I'm going to go get one today. The 20" 2.2 ghz.

freaking jealous!

I want one, but I'm holding out for a MacBook Pro...

and still trying to reason why i need to also get a MacBook

despite the fact that my PowerBook works perfectly fine...

Oh yeas, I also need an iPhone and the AppleTV and and and and

fuck, i need to get a better job...

Yeah, I know, I have to really reason why I need one. But fact is my Powerbook will be four years old in November and when I open iPhoto or Photoshop it grinds to a halt. I want to get etiher lightroom or aperture (not sure which, everyone says lightroom, but I don't want the complications of photoshop, it's too weighty) and neither of them will work on my current powerbook. So, it's time for an upgrade. I'll use my Powerbook as my wireless music hub. Cool. I'm waiting for the 2nd gen iPhone.

I ordered one. The 2.4 ghz 20". i opted for the wireless keyboard though, and it's a 3-4 wk backorder, so i've got to wait a bit.

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