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A word about &%$#'s myspace photo posting policy
As most of my friends know, and I'm sure cringe to admit, I have been known to post a photo or two in my day that perhaps not everyone agrees to be the most flattering. I always take down photos people object to and I never take offense when someone removes one of my photo bombs from their myspace/facebook/friendster page. But until today, i have never received such an amazing response as the one below (name withheld to protect the sender):

Due to your recent post, it has come to my attention that you may not be aware of my strictly enforced myspace photo policy. All photos (containing me,) that are posted on my myspace are required to portray me performing at least one if not all of the following actions: 1) being mysterious 2) being badassssss or 3) being rediculously, rediculously, goodlooking. As a result unflattering photos of me looking sleepy are prohibited.


I seriously couldn't stop laughing for like ten minutes. fucking brilliant!!
I love my friends!!