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i don't speak french, i kiss it

Montreal, PQ (Canada, still)antarctica

okay, canada has one redeeming quality, and it's montreal. this town is dirty and romantic and they like to fuck. not that i'd know, but the club (metropolis) is in the red light district and it's actually a red light district! sex shops, hookers and strip clubs everywhere! punk rock stores, tattoo shops, art supply stores, all right outside the front door of the club! i wish i was of the mind where i could just go get a hooker, i mean, i fully back the 'when in rome' frame of mind, but i've never been the sort to pay for sex. yeah i know, in the end, we all pay one way or the other, but i don't know, most people don't think in the warped way i do, and it would be too tiresome trying to to explain why i did it, so instead i just say hi to all the hookers i run into, they speak english! and when they ask me if i want a date, i just say thanks but not tonight my love! they seem to get a kick out of this. anyway, it all just makes me feel lonely, landslide lonely, jr. high alone in your room lonely.
maybe things will be better in boston, but most likely they will not.



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