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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Drum Practice?
I live in house with 3 drummers, 2 of which are playing right now. One is just practicing, and the other has band practice, so the entire band is playing...

i don't mind though,
that's sorta the magic of P-Street.

check out my band on Last.fm Climber on Last.fm

The Trace -*- Climber -*- Virginia Heart Attack

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you forgot to write in the bio......climber had a song released on the TOTALLY AWESOME SUPER MEGA BENEFIT COMPILATION LIVING TOMORROW TODAY featuring SUPER DUPER ULTRA POPULAR bands like ALKALINE TRIO.

really though, i'd be excited to hear new climber stuff. keep me posted on the progress! if you feel like sending me some old climber mp3s that'd be rad too. i only have sugar and smiles.

what would be awesome is if you would write that in there,
that way all the edits don't come just from me... (hint hint)

hopefull ted and i will be able to get some new stuff tracked this summer... we'll see what happens

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