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The New School

By request, my LJ - quiz days shall come to an end. Yes folks, it was getting out of hand there for awhile, so unless a really snappy one comes by, I’ll leave the quizzing for the kiddies.

In other news, Alex (the Get Up Kids tour manager) called to tell me that the overseas booking agents gave us the wrong dates for the Japan tour and they're all one day off! That means all the flights/hotels/rides/etc have to be cancelled and rebooked. Wow, talk about dropping the ball.

I think Danny P (of MU330 fame) are really going to start a band. We've been writing songs and when I get back we're going to start practicing/writing on a more regular schedule. I'll keep you posted on any further developments.

Emily and I saw "Old School" tonight, of course I liked it, but I really liked it. Anyone in the Santa Cruz area want to start a fraternity? I nearly pissed my pants the movie was so funny.

Okay, time for more homework.



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