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These Are Things I Have Posted

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The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
If you only read one book this lifetime, I think perhaps this is the one you might need to read.

richard dawkins the god delusion

More at Wikipedia

Available at Amazon

Breaking it down on Google Video

The God Delusion (Unabridged), Part 1 -*- Richard Dawkins

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I was very interested in this book at first, but then have heard by many that the book is not really all that great and that it's kinda all over the place. From what I understand, there is other books regarding the same issues that are much better written.

I'd heard from many people that Fiona Apple was a self-obsessed, whingy girl, whose music was grating and annoying.

When I finally, reluctantly, got around to listening to her "When The Pawn..." CD, I found that I absolutely loved her music. That was when I realised that people's opinions can be ill-informed and secondhand, but that doesn't stop them bandying them around, to the detriment of others who might really enjoy some things if left to form their own opinions.

really? but everyone says that you're a cunt and they seem to be right about that...

I know. It's a sad, lifelong affliction and it's been tough to come to terms with, but I'll tell you something... I don't get defensive and misinterpret comments as attacks.

I may be a cunt, but I'm not a fucking cunt :)


your "comment" was condesending, pompous and patronizing to say the least. My original comment on the other hand, actually was a true comment and that alone.

Not to mention that your reference to Ms. Apple not being a whiney, pathetic, bitch just doesn't hold water with me.

cheers and thanks for that interesting assessment.

unless, of course, you're already a pretty strong atheist!

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