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Best Craigslist Ad I've Seen In Awhile

Looking for a heartbreaker - 26 (santa cruz)

This day and age men and women are both pretty jaded when it comes to dating, no one wants to be totally honest because of whatever reasons, fear of rejection, and insecurities maybe even fear of acceptation. We sure get comfortable in the search, and truly as anyone in a relationship will tell you, the hunt is better than the kill.

I'm looking for a woman, involved or not, to ride the emotional roller coaster of drama. Let's create our own exciting life changing year, this could be your ticket to paradise. I'm ready to make this as awkward as possible for the both of us. Simple is to easy, we've all got issues, let's bleed them out on the world for a while and see what happens.

If you've got a boyfriend and are thinking of leaving him... why not cheat on him with me? We can go on dates and get drunk, we can vandalize things we can have casual sex, or not, but let's get him jealous and out of your path to freedom. Is he violent? An ex-con? Or maybe even a real genuine honest guy who doesn’t deserve to date a girl who cruises for guys on the internet. is he gonna want to kick my ass for taking you on a date? or will he try to hack my yahoo account and make me subscribe to a bunch of extreme fart fetish news letters, who knows?! Let the mayhem comence..

Don't have a boyfriend? Why is that? Are you damaged goods? Low self confidence? Abusive exes or family? let's do this, I meet so many people who have a game plan, go to school, want to be something when they grow up, I figure they're going to be trying so hard to live comfortably at 50, they'll be miserable all the way there. Let’s cut to the chase and eat dessert first, misery NOW!!!

Do you work out? Like to go on hikes? Listen to emo/punk/indie rock but only really new bands with people you know personally...? Frankly I don't care, I’m in this for the mis match, I figure the less I know about you the more I can discover. Looking to have this thing run its course over 6 months to 1 year then either never talk again or be very uncomfortable if we ever see each other in public. we can have a grand finale next year at christmas where we meet each others families then promptly break it all off before new years to get some new strange ass. I’m a pretty normal guy, white, non-smoker, social binge drinker, hold down a job that pays the bills and don't mind taking a joke to the extreme. I'm honest and direct, looking for someone my age, race is unimportiant, if you can be less that 6 ft tall and less than 200lbs and we're in biz.

these are some crappy drawings i found on google, Act now!

Ink Shop -*- SuicideGirls Video



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