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Girl has fingers chopped off for stealing spinach
Girl has fingers chopped off for stealing spinach

An enraged landowner chopped off all the fingers of a 10-year-old girl's hand with a sickle after catching her stealing a few spinach leaves from his property in eastern India.
Khushboo, the daughter of lower caste labourers, was foraging for edible herbs near the railroad tracks of her village in Bihar state when she mistakenly entered the fields of upper caste landlord Pankaj Rai.
When Rai found Khushboo removing spinach leaves, he chopped off the fingers of her right hand.
The girl's father, Sukho Ram, said he had sent his daughter to collect some herbs but she had accidentally strayed into Rai's fields.
The incident occurred in the Bhagalpur area, 145 miles southeast of Patna, the capital of Bihar, widely considered India's most lawless state with a history of caste violence.
Local police have registered a complaint, local newspaper sources said. No other details were immediately available.–AP