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Up on the DSLR
Does anyone in Santa Cruz have a decent DSLR that they would let me borrow tomorrow (and periodically from to time) until i can afford to buy one? I will take the best of care and will be more than willing to trade favors for the privilege of using your snapper.

If you are independently wealthy and would be interested in helping me acquire one, i would be eternally grateful and would be more than willing to provide photographic services / favors, not to mention you'd be like an old school patron of the arts!! Let me know, and thanks!


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You know that you are always welcome to use mine if Im not shooting..

i thought you sold your's?

but if you still have one i will most certainly take you up on that, i want to start shooting a bunch more, so yes please!

yes, but I bought another one.. I cant be without a camera... I do own a photography business after all..

yes of course, good point old man, bloody good point.

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