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Meet David Lazar - FuckHead

david lazar jackass writer unamerican traitor terrorist fuckhead piece of shit daily bruin columnist fascist rat ucla

"In my opinion, he was asking for it."

This is who I want to meet, David Lazar, UnAmerican Jackass columnist for the UCLA Daily Bruin. In his piece on the recent tasering of a fellow UCLA student, David led his article entitled "Beware of easy knee-jerk reactions
Police are here for our safety, so resist the urge to pass judgment until you know all the facts"
with this telling line, "In my opinion, he was asking for it."
Nice work not passing knee-jerk reactions there shit head.

What a fuck head. This is proof positive that the terrorists are winning. If this able bodied young American is such a fucking pussy that he condones the UCLA Campus Police action against a fellow unarmed student simply because he fears for his own safety, then it's over, the terrorists have won. If we are so afraid of "them" that this writer should immediately turn on his fellow colleague and so callously announce that this student was "asking" to by tazed at least 5 times while in handcuffs, then fuck heads like David Lazar are our future. Hopefully this shit for brains traitor will never work for CNN or any of the major news organization (of course FOX has probably already offered him a job) as that will surely signal the coming apocalypse. I want to meet David Lazar, I want to shake his hand and tell him that when the shit hits the fan, I hope "they" come for him first, and I hope they bring their Taser's. And when they do, I'll write a pathetic column stating that he "was asking for it."



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