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OLPC nears low-cost Linux laptop production
one laptop lap top per child green linux rules rulez

The One Laptop Per Child project's onsite supervisor, Mark Foster, reported from Shanghai on Sunday that the first 10 prototypes of the Linux-powered OLPC XO-1 are up and running. This marks a key milestone toward an upcoming build of 900 units.

Hey Ya -*- Obadiah Parker

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i know!!

the kids that get these will be signing all of our paychecks one day... :)

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Actually, the specs are pretty impressive. you have to remember, they aren't running windows, so no need for a huge hard drive. Also, this is for basic web surfing, writing text and that kind of thing. The point is to get these kids connected and using computers.

the goal is to actually give every impoverished kid on the planet one. The project has a cost goal of $100 per laptop (they are currently coming in around $140 but should hit $100 around 2008). The group doing the project is a non-profit and how it works is governments buy the laptops and hand them out to needy kids. It's pretty fucking awesome and everyone from Google to MIT is in on this. Microsoft thought the idea was stupid because the laptop has no hard-drive and the specs aren't very good and it's running linux not windows....

like i said, these kids that get these laptops will change the world one day.


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