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Taking Out The Trash
moveon kicked some ass this election 2006 midterm mid-term democrat pdf

MoveOn.org has produced a great post election report on the work put into the 2006 Mid-Term elections by the members of MoveOn.org. The report is pretty amazing and a direct testimony to the power of direct grassroots involvement. Every vote counted in this election and the direct effect of the MoveOn folks was felt all over the country. If you are a Democratic, this is a group you should remember with your giving (both time and money) and if you're a Republican; well, you've got Karl Rove... so yeah, enjoy that.

Click here to download the MoveOn.org post election report (PDF)

Karl Rove

karl rove is a jackass college dropout

Rove believed in his metrics. He miscalculated. How did Bush's guru get the numbers so wrong?

karl rove is a jackass college dropout

Exposing Karl Rove

Take out the Trash!!

karl rove is a jackass college dropout