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Update: I know I have fallen off the face of the web wide world, and the analog world for that matter, but I’ve been neck deep in school for the past year and I haven't been my normal well-connected self. Well, here's the good news, I only have 4 more classes left!! I’m now just a few months short of 7 years of college and I will finally get my degree (in Business Administration - key syncopated yawning now). All things going to plan (which really, in my life is hardly a given) I will graduate in March of '07 and will begin my 6 month bender (which according to everyone I’ve mentioned this to will last about 2 and half days after which I will get bored and move on to some other project). So if you can just hold on a couple more months, I will more than make up for all the time we've missed. Ok, gotta get back to studying now.



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Nice to hear from you! Press on.

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