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Detroit Rock City

Okay, what's worse, detroit or st louis
both suck
both look like they've been carpet bombed
both are desperate and sad
so there i am
right in the middle of it

i bought some pens today
and a new sketch book
i'm trying okay

Jay (midtown's tour manager) is the greatest person alive. tonight he was fully on, his mom was at the show and he was dancing with her off stage-left hilarious! then i found out that his mom got on stage with The Business who were playing downstairs and sang a song with them! righteous! speaking of the business, and i was, earlier tonight i was getting something to eat on the bus when this gnarly tattooed old dude justs bursts onto the bus and says
"where's the face to face mate?"
so i ask him, uh can i help you? to which he replies,
"no, where's trever?"
so i counter with, don't you usually knock before getting on a tour bus?
then he say...
"no, i'm english."
seemed logical to me.
turns out, it was mick from the business and he wasn't even mad at me, in fact, i heard later that he told trever that i was a good man and i was worth twice what they were paying me. that mick, he's a sweetheart.



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