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Baby On Board - Hwy 17 Jackass Weekend Edition

BABY ON BOARD you dumb ass hwy 17 jackass weekend edition

So i really had no plans for weekend jackass updates. I figured that the work week brought out the worst in drivers and that on the weekend’s, the tourist traffic would just be slow and sloppy... boy was i wrong. Today’s winner is our first female entry to the asshat hall of fame and she wins by a landslide. Notice the traffic in the photo, barely moving right? So it therefore must be of such importance that this driver get in front of us that she cuts between the front of our car and black VW Rabbit in the right lane. The only thing that keeps her from smashing into the side of our vehicle is the quick braking skill of our driver. Now before everyone gets their panties in a bundle, let me say that i know this kind of abrupt lane change is par for the course on 17, but what made this move particularly awesome was that as she so deftly cut us off and nearly caused a pile up, her little baby slept quietly in its car seat on the rear bench. Nice one Mom!! If we hadn’t hit the brakes, she would have driven her rear door (the one right next to the baby) directly into our front right bumper. Protective maternal instincts my ass! What’s next, a return to smoking in the car with the windows rolled up? Lady in the Honda Civic; you are a Jackass.

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