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These Are Things I Have Posted

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Again with the Holy Shit
Today Danny P and I went surfing!!!
It was my first time,
i rented a wet-suit and
borrowed a board from a friend,
and we hit the beach.
Holy Shit! i'm hooked.
Jan 30 and i'm swimming in the ocean,
wow, not bad for a knuckle-head from
'the middle west.
I gotta figure out a way to do this more often.
I also have to figure out how to actually surf.
lets just say the waves rode me,
not the other way around.
i did kinda get the paddle thing down,
well kinda,
holy shit my arms are tired,
and when you get out of the water
(we were in for about an hour and a half)
you feel totally high/drunk/stoned/amazing
my body feels like jelly and
i'm sore in places
i didn't know got sore,
but if i had a wet suit and a board
i'd so be out there again tomorrow.
dude, i feel so local (ha-ha)
i have a feeling i'm going to fall asleep early tonight!
surfing in january.....wow.

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sounds like snow boarding. Ashworht offered up another job. they want me...

Are you going to take it? Does that mean a venue change? Good God what does it all mean man?!?! I await your reply ;)

I don't know! It would indeed mean a venue change. As you say, the Midwest Coast is duldrums are killing me.

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