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Why Pay for College?
Why pay for college?

For those of you that always dreamed of going to a college whose name is sweatshirt worthy but could never afford the tuition nor pass the entrance requirements, the internet is here to once again save the day. Both the University of California Berkeley and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer course materials on the web. I can't stress how cool this is, especially for someone like me who never really had the typically college experience. And lets face it, you can't beat the price... Of course, you can't get a degree through these programs, but you can actually learn something, and if Alan Ross' lecture introducing students to his PolySci 179 class is any indication, you are also in for a good time. So download a lecture or scope up some reading material and knock the dust off the old noodle, you'll be glad ya did.

Course Introduction -*- Alan Ross -*- PolySci 179: Undergraduate Colloquium on Political Science - Spring 2006

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i thought it was pretty cool
i already go to school 100% online
but my ghetto ass college
(the University of Phoenix)
doesn't even have downloadable lectures
or half the cool shit the MIT site does
which kinda sucks since the U of P is
very much the opposite of free...

Are you doing grad school at U of P?
I just started looking into this.
Can't believe the price tags!

i'm doing my undergrad.
it's stupid expensive
most of the people attending
have some form of tuition reimbursement
from their employers
but i started because i was touring full time
and it was the only way i could go back to school
and still work

Right on
I'd love it if I could get some EDU reimbursement, but I recognize that's not available to everyone
While it's smart to have a degree, I can't shake the feeling guys like us make our fortunes and accomplish our greatest endeavours by doing something that doesn't require a degree at all
Oh well - just stubborn about education, I guess

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