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Westly goes down in the 12th...

So the primary is over, Steve Westly lost and now the California Democratic party is stuck with the limp noodle that is Phil Angelides. Nice going California Dems; I'll be the one reminding you to shut your traps as we drudge through four more years of the Governator. Do I like Phil? No. And let me count the ways.

First off, the man has no class. Zero. This is a man that paid or approved payment to have a staffer dress up as "The Fat Cat"

fat ass lazy unkempt pos feline reach around house boy man servant scum fud bitch heat whore phil Angelides

and follow the Westly Bus Tour around the state. The Fat Cat and his unbathed (and marginally employed) man servant

fat ass lazy unkempt pos feline reach around house boy man servant

were at almost every event. How many of you humble Dems out there can afford to take two weeks off work and at current gas prices, drive up and down the state, three cities a day including hotel rooms, without some major funding?

These are the actions of a man who is scared. These are the actions of a man who has no vision, no plan, no class, no soul, nothing save his personal "chit" system of every slight and favor owed him over his long and stunningly unspectacular political career. On a more behind the scenes note, his campaign staffers had the gaul to "friend" all the Westly campaign friends on MySpace the day after the election. I think Phil should understand this "chit" --- "denied." I can't help but think that in the general this November, third party candidates (as well as Arnold) are going to see a surprising upsurge in votes as moderate Dems search for an Anything But Angelides alternative. I have only one word for all of this; awesome.

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