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Manscaping and the modern delimma
This is one of, if not the best, site i've seen using flash and wicked humor. Plus, the product actually seems pretty good.


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You can hear the laughter rippling out from my cube as my co-workers look at there email and then go to the site :-)

That was frikin hillarious!


Hey, i have a huge question for you, i'm going out on tour with Steve Westly for two weeks to be the staff photographer for thier bus tour of the state and i don't have a pro DSLR and i was wondering if I could rent or borrow yours for two weeks. I know you have a bad ass snapper, so i would totally understand if you wouldn't be into lending it out, but if you don't mind that would be awesome. The only thing is, i leave tomorrow (i just got the final confirmation from the campaign today) and since this isn't a paid gig, i am trying to avoid rushing out and just buying a camera. drop me an email or give me a jingle 3I4*283-7976 if you get this today (monday 5-22). Thanks!


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