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2006 Cinco de Mustache!!
breaking news...

Ladies and Gentleman, it is official!

Prime Stach

The 2006 Cinco de Mustache growing season has begun!!

That's right folks, there are only a couple short week until the 5th of May, and this year the party will be a blow-out! The Gods of the Mustache, those hirsute he-men from heaven, have seen fit to land the 5th of May on a Friday! And you know what that means kids...

free ride

that's right, Free Mustache Rides for everyone 18 and older with two forms of valid I.D.!! woot woot.

Now don't worry ladies (and young men who can't grow the 'stach yet), you can always bring a beard to the party...

stach of the week

I'll be updating my growing season stats throughout the upcoming weeks, so stay posted for more details about this year's Cinco de Mustachio party!

Cinco de Mustache Snap: 001

day one

"I've got a long way to go, but i've been training hard, i've got a great game plan, a fantastic coaching staff and plenty of corporate sponsorship, this is going to be one great mustache season for me."
-Joey C.

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is that a santa cruz thing? my friend from SC who goes to school with me, she has a moustache party thing too. and SHE wears a handlebar one and makes everyone else wear one.

I am pulling for you Joey!
I have faith in your facial follicles!

i believe in you, but how long does it take to reach desired effect? best wishes xoxoox

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