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The Mayor of Affton
I used to live in St. Louis. For those of you that don't know much about St. Louis, it's a weird city that is basically a hodge-podge of neighborhoods that make up two separate and distinct counties. The City of St Louis (which is also a county), and St Louis County (which is not part of the city of St. Louis). Confusing? Yes. It gets worse, but that's another story. This story is about my dear old housemate and friend J. Patrick O'Brian who is currently running for mayor of one of those small towns that make up the various neighborhoods of St. Louis County. I'm speaking here of Affton, MO. Candidate O'Brian is running for mayor in the municipality of Affton, however, and he doesn't really seem to mind or care, the municipality of Affton has neither a mayor, nor a city government. This has not stopped Mr. O'Brian from running a well orchestrated campaign, one that so far has been uncontested. In fact, his bid for mayor has been popping up in the local news and more and more signs supporting his run have been appearing on lawns all across Affton. Surprisingly, many residents of Affton are also unaware that their municipality does not have a mayor. Wonderful stuff. Keep up on O'Brian's campaign on his blog here: http://afftonmayor.blogspot.com/ and remember, come April 4th, vote early, and vote often.

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that is so great! i want a sign for my yard. :)
laura (st lou)

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