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These Are Things I Have Posted

These Are As Well

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calling Doctor Tran
i nearly spilt my spleen.

this is kinda long, but worth it.


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Dr. Tran doesn't take your shit! Miss you, man! When are you going to hit the road again?

i quit touring!

can you believe it?

i got a job in san jose doing tech support

i now work in the nerd farm. pretty weird/cool. i just got to the point where i couldn't handle another dumb ass band member puking their unintelligible babble on my shoes. so i'm out. but i'm really stoked on what i'm doing now. i'm getting a crash course in windows (which reaffirms my thoughts on the OS = crap) and i'm getting to learn hands on abut networks, linux and all types of cool Novell stuff. plus, i'm about 8 classes away from finishing my undergrad, which is sweet. i've been away from the old lj recently, it's been a pretty huge life change. but i'm getting things dialed in, so expect to see me popping in around these parts much more often ;)

holy crap i'm rusty
i replied and wasn't even logged in.... wow

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